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    Loaded Questions - The Game

    Loaded Questions - The Game

    Eric Poses
    All Things Equal
    Johana Maldonado-Liddy
    Dice Rolling

    The friends and family version of the Classic Game of 'Who Said What'. Features 880 new and classic Loaded Questions, all new design, and added game play features for a lifetime of memorable game nights.

    Questions include: What is something you only need one of? / What word would people never use to describe you? / What is your most useless talent?

    This core Loaded Questions game is perfect for families and adults.

    Let’s Say It’s Your Turn…

    1. Read aloud the Loaded Question that matches the colored space you’re on. (Let’s say the question is “What is something you would love to do every day of your life?)
    2. All other players write a personal answer for the question on their answer sheets, which are collected and read aloud by the player to your right.
    3. After hearing all of the answers, match which player wrote which answer. Advance one space for every correct match. The first player to reach the WIN space wins the game!